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How do we care for
7 billion people?

One Sara at a time.

Better health for a better worldTM 7B:1

High Quality

Making sure you only experience high quality products from Mylan is imperative to us, and we do everything possible to set and maintain standards.

Bioequivalence Testing

Every medication that Mylan distributes in Canada, whether branded or generic, is reviewed and authorized for sale by Health Canada.

All of our generic medications have been tested and scientifically established to be bioequivalent to brand drugs. This means that they are equivalent in terms of dosage, safety, strength and quality, and that they provide patients with the same therapeutic benefits.

One Global Standard

Mylan applies ‘one global quality standard’ that utilizes many advanced testing and monitoring systems to ensure patients consistently receive high quality products.

Comprehensive Access

We believe everybody on the planet deserves access to better quality healthcare as quickly and as easily as possible – starting with you.

Product Breadth

Mylan makes more than 1,400 products across 17 leading therapeutic classes, including 100 acquired from Abbott in the areas of cardio/metabolic, CNS/pain, gastro-intestinal, anti-infective, respiratory and women’s and men’s health.

Commitment to Rare Diseases

Mylan is committed to providing complex drugs for rare diseases, including pulmonary hypertension.

Constant Innovation

We’re working hard around the clock to ensure our therapies are as effective as possible, now and in the future.

Pipeline of Innovation

We are constantly bringing new and valuable medicines to market, and have more than 3,400 medications pending regulatory approvals around the world.

Doing What’s Right, Not What’s Easy

We innovate to deliver medicines in challenging environments. For example, nearly 50% of the people living with HIV/AIDS in the developing world depend on affordable medicines manufactured by Mylan.

Elevated Support

We’ve increased our focus on education, developing comprehensive programs to help keep you fully informed.

Educational Support

Mylan+ is an online educational resource that provides the information, tools and resources that help doctors, pharmacists and patients use our medicines with confidence.

Relay for Hope

Mylan has founded a cross-Canada run to create awareness and raise funds for people living with, or at risk of, HIV / AIDS.

Better health for a better world

“At Mylan, we have a vision of ‘Better health for a better world’. We are committed to providing access to quality healthcare for the world’s 7 billion people, one person at a time. We call this aspiration 7B:1.”

Heather Bresch

Heather Bresch, CEO, Mylan Inc.


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